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Welcome to Parallel View Publishing
We publish books in a variety of genres. We also publish books for authors. You can view the contract on the "Download Page." _______________ We pay our authors 80% in royalties. The fee is $595.00 "No hidden fees. Your book will also be included in the "Ingram advance" catalog; which means that every book seller in the country will know about your book. We also include a three month marketing plan, also free of charge. ______ Our contract is Non-exclusive; and can be canceled with a simple email. You can pay for this service by clicking on the "Buy now" button; Make payments with PayPal - Download with PayLoadz Or If you contact us, we can send you an email using our secure payment form ([email protected] is the contact email address) Once your payment is made, you will receive the contract (via email), just sign it and return it to the address provided on the contract. __________________________________

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